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Before you went to digital evolution, you had to choose any printed material, posters, advertisements, etc from the photo catalog of photographers who sold the images you wanted to use, and buy them for very high volumes. Today, with the emergence of stock photo sites, this image sales sector has been taken from the hands of certain monopolies and everyone can make sales with the registration of certain rules and principles to comply with the industry has become a. The most common example of stock photography is the female and male figures with headphones in the ear and a microphone in the mouth that we see in the call center ads. As you can imagine, when you call the specified number, the person in that photo will not pick up the phone. The aim is to inform your customers that you have provided a different service through the photo. As I mentioned in the example, stock photography is to get cheap images that are suitable for general use and suitable for your business and needs without advertising a specific brand.

Certain membership conditions and upload-download conditions are available for each site. For some, you will need to write an introductory letter and pass the entrance exam. The most important criterion in stock photography is what you want and what you want. You agree to the terms of the photo site to which you are a member for each photo you upload or purchase.

How Should I Take Pictures?

In order to make money on this kind of site, every photo you upload must be in the highest resolution standard of your camera, within the concept determined of the photograph taken, the object used in the shot should be clean, the models used should be exposed to the subject and the digital arrangements should be made according to the criteria determined by After fulfilling all the criteria I have set above, the main issue is that when you search for a topic, you get thousands of photos. The picture you take in this section should be creative and interesting. The same kinds of objects and expressions taken by the majority will not bring you to a place in the sense of stock photography.
Are stock photos taken with each machine?

If you are looking for a camera with a digital camera, you can take a picture with the camera as long as you meet the above criteria, but there is a lot of detail difference between photographing an object with a macro lens and comparing it on the site and taking it with a normal camera. In addition, high resolution photos are the main element in stock photography.

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