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Hobby photography with no place or time!

How to capture a photo?

Photography is always one of the popular hobbies. Because you can do it on your own at any time. You don’t have to find friends to accompany you, no seasons, no place and no watch.
Some of them try to learn from books or from the internet, but they go to classes to take good pictures and they learn from experienced photographers. Courses are both practical and short-term. There are good courses in many cities in Turkey. Each of them is taught from the history of photography to cameras, from shooting techniques to group tours.

K end if you have chosen photography as your hobby, you need to start taking a machine. It is possible to borrow or take pictures with amateur cameras. But instructors ‘ advice is to start with your own professional machine.
It is possible to purchase a professional digital camera, such as the Nikon D80 or the canon 350D, that can change the lens at about 700 dollars. You can do light and Shadow games with this.

Free Photo and Free Stock Video

Known for his exhibitions and photographs, Muammer yanmaz, the owner of the photography workshop he opened with his own name, suggests that he will start the course: “if the person does not have a special sympathy for the analog machine, it is better to use a digital camera.

Thus, the learning process is faster and easier. In order to take good pictures, it is very expensive and it is a mistake as if there is too much material. I definitely recommend working with a single lens for a long time. For example, 50 mm f: 1.8 lens is $ 150. It works fine even in very low light conditions. A second lens can be passed to dissolve his tongue. Other than that, the memory card and a medium size camera. Every two years, the upper model can be switched. But we don’t recommend small machines. The camera lens must be changed and the settings can be adjusted manually. Even if we don’t say it, the person who takes the pleasure of taking the picture needs it as soon as possible.”


Free Stock Photo!


· Keep the camera at the eye level of the person you are photographing. Children also have to get down to the same paint. But the person you’re filming doesn’t always have to look at the machine.
· Don’t fill the background too much, it’s simple to make sure that the object you take looks good.
Make sure there are no objects that are irrelevant to the subject, such as the absence of garbage at the place where it stands, and the absence of a car’s nose behind it.

· Bright sunlight can create unwanted shadows on the face. Use flash to prevent this. If you use your machine in automation, it will not do this automatically. The same could work on cloudy days.
· A common mistake when using flash is to shoot subjects outside the range of the flash. If this is done the photo will be dark. Note that the maximum flash exposure distance on most cameras is less than 4.5 meters.
* Remember to fill the photo frame with the object you took. In close-ups, expressions that add meaning, such as a raised eyebrow or freckle, can be captured.
· The subject doesn’t have to be in the middle of the picture frame. If you are shooting like this, you have to lock the focus in order to get a clear picture. Because most auto-focus cameras focus on what’s at the center of the picture.




We take pictures of the people we know most in life. To do this, you need to know how to take a portrait or a human photo. The word portrait of Latin origin means “bringing light.” The important thing in photography is to best reflect the subject. That’s why you have to reflect the character of the person you’re going to photograph. The important thing is not to be beautiful or ugly, but to convey yourself in the right way. Even if you don’t know this person, you need to get in touch with him very well.




When we go on vacation, a significant portion of the memories we take are landscapes. Pointing to the subject on the website called fotogram Kadir Akkaya, describes the tricks as follows:
* It should be the focal point of every landscape ·
A mountain away from the front of a building or
the band is like a tree .
· Let the subject guide your photo. If there are people in the main subject area, experiment by placing them close to the machine or away for images of different sizes.

· Frame your subject. If you do not, the main issue that is located far away appears to be lost in magnified printing or projection. The most commonly used framing tool is the sheets. A belt, a door entry, or a natural rock formation can also serve as a frame to direct the viewer’s eye.
· Use contrasting colors. A person dressed in bright red, blue or yellow clothing, carefully placed in the landscape, can revive a dull landscape. Usually, such subjects should be kept within a sufficient distance within the picture frame, otherwise they can judge the whole picture by stepping forward.
· Keep your machine horizontal. Also, do not lift your lens too far up. If you do this, you create obvious perspective disturbances, and objects appear to fall back.

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