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Photography and tactics

1- Forced framing; or forced photo

Recently I have a new term that appears in my mind when I look at photos or think about photography, forced framing or forced photography. Forced framing; or forced photography is exactly what? I’il try to explain it as much as I can. In fact, most of the editing photos that have been made are included in this definition, and even in some of the documentaries and street photos, they represent a situation we encounter. Even if it isn’t so simple, some pictures can give us this feeling.


It’s a feeling, a term I use to describe the feeling it creates in US rather than the content of the photograph. All of the photos in this article belong to me, because of the content of the subject, I found it more appropriate to do so in order not to offend anyone. For example, after looking at the Black Sea woman photograph I took ten years ago, it is very easy to hear this feeling. We feel it both on the woman’s lips and on the left hand’s posture.

Likewise, the old pictures above again evoke the same feeling in me.

I don’t know exactly why. Sometimes you think there’s a picture somewhere, and you start taking pictures, but you can’t get exactly what you want. However, you will continue to take pictures for a long time, which is an example of what I mean. “Looking through the lens of the model with whether you might have a case on, I thought maybe it is related to the look. But I believe it has nothing to do with the model looking at the lens. The following photo should come as an example. “Forced photo or forced framing” is a special effort to get close to perfect or perfect photos.

Free Stock Photo

But the inside of the photo whispers to you that this photo was taken with an effort and effort, and that many things were forced to be brought together. The tension in the photograph can’t escape the experienced eye. It’s not easy to understand or explain. It’s only for those who take pictures for a long time. Having a long time behind the visor is one of the factors that will help you understand. “Forced photo or forced framing” is like recording a frozen moment, rather than a shot taken from the moment, or a frame that freezes the moment.
Especially in editing photos when asked to do something from a model, it can occur when the model does not do it and behaves like it does. Photographs taken at such moments can be given as clear examples. There is no fluency in photography, there is no poetic, it is dull.
Another example might be for some photographs where everything is together, but nothing is intertwined. In some of these pictures you will feel the same feeling when you look at the picture. Although some photographs are taken from the same angle of view with the same type of framing and editing, a small detail in the photograph can save from stagnation and destroy the feeling of strain. The smile in the photo below carries the whole picture and leaves us a real positive feeling.

Stock Photo And Stock Video

I think that the lack of movement or unwanted conflicts in some part of the photos has saved the photo more fluidity and effort. Even when viewed from the picture window is flawed (!) I liked some more photos to be called. They seem much smoother, poetic and humane to me. The use of light is also one of the elements that cut the stasis in the picture, adding an emotional meaning to it, the following photograph is not a fiction; it is a snapshot. The fact that the model is still does not give the photo stability.

The reason is that the shadow of the light model is trying to move forward and you feel it, that’s the only way to go. By the way, all perfect or perfect photographs cannot be called “coercion photography or coercion framing”. But you’il know when you see him, won’t you? Do you have a word?

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