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Take Beautiful Pictures! 13 Tips To Take Better Pictures

Secrets of taking a good and quality photo

Taking beautiful pictures can be said to have become the hobby of many of us, along with developing technology. Now we can take great pictures even with our smartphones.

In this context, I will tell you the techniques and methods of taking great photographs. If you want to take the picture, please take the contents.

You will become even more skilled in taking beautiful pictures!

1. Set the light.

If you are using a portable light source, place the light at the appropriate angle to the object you want to shoot. If the light source cannot be moved, move the object if possible.

Adjust the angle well, because places where the light does not hit directly will appear in dark tones.

Increase the light intensity and move a few steps toward “4-” exposure. The more light you increase and the less exposure, the more apparent the object’s lines are.

2. Fine tune the composition.

Composition is the fiction of photography. Basic composition elements should be mentioned;

Divide the screen into 3 equal parts with two imaginary lines. The artifact, if it looks to the left if you are right on the line, the line to the right align if left standing. The space on the side where the object is looking must be more on the back.

If possible, take the object exactly. For example, instead of pulling a person out of his head from his knee, pull him out of his head-from his feet.

3. Don’t call it a picture.

You set up the sentences as “taking pictures”, but you don’t set up “taking pictures”. The picture is taken, the image is drawn. Is it worth ruining to say less than 1 syllable? 🙂

4. Seize the moment.

For example, if you don’t catch a moment when everyone smiles while taking group shots, you might be surprised to find that the picture was taken at a happy moment. Or if you pull a car before crossing the finish line, it may be suspected that the car has finished the race. Capturing the event in time adds strength to the image.

5. Feel the rhythm.

If you take things that are lined up at regular intervals by creating a perspective rather than flatten, the picture becomes more lookable. If you can’t create perspective, if you put the object that starts the rhythm on one side of the photo and the object that ends on the other side, then it leaves the idea that man is more than that.

6. Capture different perspectives.

Human nature is curious about what it doesn’t know. In the same way, the desire to look at the photograph taken from the perspective it has not seen before is greater. There are three kinds of perspectives. Normal point of view, Ant point of view taken from the ground and divine point of view taken from above. All photos except the normal point of view are one more click away from the point of interest. Of course, it is not enough to take it from the ground or above, but to use other composition elements.

7. Make long exposures.

In long exposures, the image is rendered to the sensor for longer than usual and very creative pictures are produced when desired. The slightest movement of the device during shooting will disrupt the image. Shots should be taken as still as possible. Some applications you can download to the phones, some digital cameras and DSLR cameras can do long exposure.

8. Highlight the movement.

For example, when shooting a fast car, move the camera at the same time as the subject. The photo should not be taken too fast or too slow. The ideal shutter speed is 1/15 seconds. Because the object is fixed and the background is moving, the object’s motion is felt. Or, if you hold the camera still and take the exposure a little longer, the faint image of the subject will feel motion.

9. Play with the colors.

Edit your photos with Picasa, Photoshop, etc. Photoshop is a simple program that everyone can use while running a little professional Picasa. Picasa also organizes your photos even if you can’t edit them.

Adding a little light to the photo and shading a little increases the contrast and creates a more beautiful image.

Warm colors add sympathy to the photo. If you increase saturation a little in nature photos, the colors become even more noticeable.

10. Approach the object.

If you approach the subject as close as possible, it will appear clearer and the background will become more blurred. Of course, as we approach the object, try to get the “object in full size” which is one of the rules we mentioned earlier.”I we must not neglect.

11. Bring the artifact forward.

Don’t put anything unrelated to the object in the composition. For example, if you take a pizza photo, coffee in the background, chocolate, apple, etc. you don’t want it to happen. They’re either pizza only or fries, hamburgers, coke, etc. that might be relevant to pizza. you can put it.

12. Privacy of private life.

It is always an advantage that the person you are taking is aware of the fact that you are taking it. Thus, in later times, it would be intolerable for him to sue you by seeing the photograph of the person-depending on his mercy. 🙂

13. Watch the photo you’re using.

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