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What is stock photo? Free Stock Photo

What is stock photo?

Photos are taken by photographers and uploaded to stock sites like us. When photos you’ve added to stock sites are accepted, they are protected by the site’s logo and a watermark of various patterns, so that people can’t use them without copying and purchasing them. Of course, you must follow the rules of the site where you upload these photos. However, approximately all stock sites accept photos of similar standards. As I said, quality is essential for a stock site to accept the photo. If you add some creativity to the photo, then your number of photos will increase day by day.

Let’s not restrict the stock as a photo. Stock video is also included in this sector. If you’re a good video producer, you can also upload your videos to stock sites. If you are a graphic designer, if you are interested in Photoshop within your business, if you have the ability to produce images that may be useful for graphic designers, you can look at this not only as a photo and video, but also as a graphic. Good graphics can make money as well as photos.

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